007 – From Russia with Love (US).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 13:22698.6M
2 Games in 1! Archer Maclean Mercury and Mercury Meltdown (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 01:42684.3M
2010 FIFA World Cup South Africa (US).iso (View Contents)11-Aug-2022 01:251.6G
300 – March to Glory (US).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 13:58909.8M
3086 – NBA 2K13 (USA).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 14:211.6G
50 Cent – Bulletproof – G-Unit Edition (US).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 13:451.6G
7 Wonders of the Ancient World (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 01:4473.8M
ATV Offroad Fury – Blazin Trails (US).iso (View Contents)11-Aug-2022 02:40861.6M
ATV Offroad Fury Pro (US).iso (View Contents)11-Aug-2022 03:46844.8M
Ace Combat – Joint Assault (US).iso (View Contents)11-Aug-2022 03:141.6G
Ace Combat X – Skies of Deception (US).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 14:371.0G
Activision Hits Remixed (USA).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 14:40264.8M
Actual Crimes Jack the Ripper (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)11-Aug-2022 01:46188.9M
Adventures to Go! (US).iso (View Contents)11-Aug-2022 01:37168.0M
Aedis Eclipse – Generation of Chaos (US).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 23:25638.0M
After Burner – Black Falcon (US).iso (View Contents)11-Aug-2022 03:32407.6M
Air Conflicts – Aces of World War 2 (US).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 23:16859.1M
Alien Syndrome (US).iso (View Contents)11-Aug-2022 03:24471.9M
Aliens vs Predator – Requiem (US).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 14:46378.1M
Ape Escape – On the Loose (US).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 23:03714.5M
Ape Escape Academy (US).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 22:52370.9M
Archer Maclean Mercury (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 01:32275.9M
Armored Core – Formula Front Extreme Battle (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 01:01777.1M
Army of Two – The 40th Day (US).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 14:59858.6M
Assassin’s Creed – Bloodlines.iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 15:10772.1M
Astonishia Story (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 01:43110.2M
Astro Boy – The Video Game (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 01:161.1G
Atari Classics Evolved (US).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 15:1180.1M
B-Boy (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 00:411.5G
Bakugan – Defenders of the Core (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 00:51846.2M
BattleZone (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 00:21864.4M
Beaterator (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 00:101.0G
Ben 10 – Alien Force (US).iso (View Contents)13-Aug-2022 23:571.2G
Ben 10 – Alien Force – Vilgax Attacks (US).iso (View Contents)13-Aug-2022 23:421.5G
Ben 10 – Protector of Earth (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 01:28653.5M
Ben 10 – Ultimate Alien – Cosmic Destruction (US).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 15:291.2G
Beowulf – The Game.iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 15:461.2G
Blade Dancer – Lineage of Light (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 05:07370.6M
BlazBlue – Calamity Trigger (US).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 16:141.6G
BlazBlue – Continuum Shift 2 (US).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 16:381.5G
BlazBlue – Continuum Shift II.iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 16:591.5G
Blazing Souls Accelate (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 04:301.0G
Blitz – Overtime (US).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 17:181.3G
Blokus Portable – Steambot Championship (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 05:0963.1M
Blood Bowl (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 05:01222.9M
Bomberman (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 05:08104.9M
Bomberman Land (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 04:55340.6M
Bounty Hounds (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 04:501.1G
Brave Story – New Traveler (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 04:33184.4M
Brooktown High (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 04:151.2G
Brothers in Arms – D-Day (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 03:571.4G
Brunswick Pro Bowling (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 04:58159.9M
Bubble Bobble Evolution (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 03:38595.9M
Burnout Dominator (USA) (PSP) (PSN).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 17:27659.1M
Burnout Legends (USA) (PSN).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 17:33477.1M
Bust-A-Move – Deluxe (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 17:4067.0M
Buzz! Master Quiz (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 17:39864.4M
CID the Dummy (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 17:28500.2M
Cabela African Safari (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 16:55863.4M
Cabela Dangerous Hunts – Ultimate Challenge (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 17:14429.3M
Cabela Legendary Adventures (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 17:21467.1M
Cabela North American Adventures (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 16:10817.5M
Cake Mania – Bakers Challenge (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 17:01414.4M
Call of Duty – Roads to Victory (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 15:56611.3M
Capcom Classics Collection Reloaded (USA) (PSP) (PSN).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 17:42603.8M
Capcom Classics Collection Remixed (USA) (PSP) (PSN).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 17:50545.5M
Capcom Puzzle World (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 17:08489.3M
Carol Vordermans Sudoku (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 15:45409.8M
Castlevania – The Dracula X Chronicles (USA) (PSN).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 18:061.0G
Chameleon (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 17:0966.7M
Chessmaster – The Art of Learning (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 15:38203.6M
Chili Con Carnage (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 16:40760.2M
Cho Aniki Zero (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 16:26270.4M
Cladun – This is an RPG! (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 16:21291.3M
Class of Heroes (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 16:17324.9M
Class of Heroes 2 (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 15:19660.0M
Cloudy with a Chance of Meatballs (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 15:34918.6M
Coconut Dodge (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 16:12139.1M
Code Lyoko – Quest for Infinity (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 14:48854.4M
Coded Arms – Contagion (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 14:36521.9M
Corpse Party (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 14:29742.3M
Crash – Mind over Mutant (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 14:191.5G
Crash Tag Team Racing (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 15:091.4G
Crash of the Titans.iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 18:21779.3M
Crazy Taxi – Fare Wars (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 01:21530.2M
Crimson Gem Saga (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 02:37837.9M
Crisis Core – Final Fantasy 7.ISO (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 18:471.6G
Crush (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 01:58583.8M
Crystal Defenders (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 01:23116.8M
Cube (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 00:26412.5M
DJ Max Emotional Sense – Fever (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 21:061.6G
DJ Max Portable 3 (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 22:101.7G
DT Carnage (US).iso (View Contents)01-Oct-2022 16:07541.6M
Dante’s Inferno (USA) (PSP) (PSN).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 19:101.7G
Darkstalkers Chronicle – The Chaos Tower (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 02:18660.5M
Dave Mirra BMX Challenge (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 21:44696.0M
Daxter (USA) (PSN).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 19:281.3G
Dead Head Fred (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 01:121.3G
Dead or Alive – Paradise (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 01:41829.7M
Dead to Rights – Reckoning (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 00:07158.2M
Dead to Rights – Reckoning (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 23:18184.2M
Death Jr. (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 21:34415.0M
Death Jr. 2 – Root of Evil (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 00:37697.8M
Def Jam – Fight for NY – The Takeover (USA) (PSN).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 19:491.5G
Despicable Me – The Game (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 00:44495.2M
DiRT 2 (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 21:28348.1M
Diner Dash – Sizzle and Serve (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 02:21131.2M
Disgaea – Afternoon of Darkness (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 21:22924.9M
Disgaea 2 – Dark Hero Days (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 20:39757.1M
Disgaea Infinite (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 22:15267.3M
Disney G-Force (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 00:031.1G
Disney Pirates of the Caribbean – At World End (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 00:19705.2M
Disney TRON – Evolution (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 00:49279.3M
Disney-Pixar Cars (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 23:42864.4M
Disney-Pixar Cars – Race-O-Rama (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 23:14864.3M
Disney-Pixar Cars 2 (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 20:28698.5M
Disney-Pixar Ratatouille (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 20:18864.4M
Disney-Pixar Toy Story 3 (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 20:05863.8M
Disney-Pixar Up (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 23:26530.5M
Disney-Pixar WALL-E (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 22:59732.0M
Dissidia – Final Fantasy (USA) (PSP) (PSN).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 20:111.5G
Dissidia 012 – Duodecim Final Fantasy (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 22:411.6G
Downstream Panic! (US).iso (View Contents)14-Aug-2022 22:48448.1M
Dragon Ball Z – Shin Budokai (US).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 20:23311.6M
Dragon Ball Z – Shin Budokai – Another Road.iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 20:19504.9M
Dragon Ball Z – Tenkaichi Tag Team.iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 20:431.3G
Dragon’s Lair (USA) (PSP) (PSN).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 20:48355.8M
Dragonball – Evolution (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 17:19376.5M
Dragoneer Aria (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 16:45370.1M
DreamWorks Megamind – The Blue Defender (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 16:19864.3M
DreamWorks Over the Hedge – Hammy Goes Nuts! (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 16:00310.3M
DreamWorks Shrek – Smash n’Crash Racing (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 17:11864.4M
DreamWorks Shrek the Third (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 15:51485.8M
Driver 76 (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 15:191.0G
Dungeon Explorer – Warriors of Ancient Arts (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 15:42539.3M
Dungeon Maker – Hunting Ground (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 15:55143.5M
Dungeon Maker 2 – The Hidden War (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 17:13165.3M
Dungeon Siege – Throne of Agony (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 15:30633.0M
Dungeons and Dragons – Tactics (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 16:57462.4M
Dynasty Warriors (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 15:53153.1M
Dynasty Warriors – Strikeforce (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 16:401.3G
Dynasty Warriors Vol. 2 (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 16:49266.2M
EA Replay (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 14:46850.4M
Eragon (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 15:33237.3M
Every Extend Extra (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 15:02357.3M
Exit (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 16:02129.3M
EyePet (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 14:56659.7M
F1 2009 (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 14:33652.7M
FIFA 14.cso09-Aug-2022 21:02767.4M
FIFA Soccer (US).iso (View Contents)01-Oct-2022 14:321.2G
FIFA Soccer 06 (US).iso (View Contents)31-Oct-2022 23:521.1G
FIFA Soccer 07 (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 15:251.5G
FIFA Soccer 08 (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 00:421.5G
FIFA Soccer 09.iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 21:261.6G
FIFA Soccer 10 (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 01:381.6G
FIFA Soccer 11.iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 21:491.6G
FIFA Soccer 12.iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 22:141.6G
FIFA Soccer 13 (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 02:301.6G
FIFA Street 2.iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 22:29861.1M
FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 (US).iso (View Contents)01-Feb-2022 14:211.2G
Fading Shadows (US).iso (View Contents)01-Oct-2022 14:16702.8M
Family Guy – Video Game! (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 03:061.1G
Fat Princess – Fistful of Cake (US).iso (View Contents)02-Nov-2022 03:09296.8M
Fatal Fury – King of Fighters (USA) (NG) (PSN).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 20:50125.8M
Field Commander (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 03:431.1G
Fight Night Round 3.iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 22:451.1G
Final Fantasy – 20th Anniversary Edition (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 15:31188.9M
Final Fantasy 2 – 20th Anniversary Edition (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 15:39274.0M
Final Fantasy 3 (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 15:54505.3M
Final Fantasy Tactics – The War of the Lions (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 16:10461.5M
Final Fantasy Tactics – The War of the Lions (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 03:53399.5M
FlatOut – Head On (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 16:22411.8M
FlatOut – Head On (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 03:25429.7M
Ford Bold Moves Street Racing (US).iso (View Contents)27-Oct-2022 17:07700.0M
Ford Racing – Off Road (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 16:42700.0M
Frantix (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 16:52382.7M
Frogger – Helmet Chaos (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 03:13431.6M
Full Auto 2 – Battlelines (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 02:24455.0M
G.I. Joe – The Rise of Cobra (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 21:161.1G
Gangs of London (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 04:191.0G
Generation of Chaos (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 20:491.1G
Ghost Rider (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 04:48752.9M
Ghost in the Shell – Stand Alone Complex (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 21:00756.5M
Ghostbusters – The Video Game (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 17:201.1G
Gitaroo Man Lives! (US).iso (View Contents)15-Aug-2022 20:341.6G
Gladiator Begins (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 17:33452.7M
Go! Sudoku (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 17:42297.5M
God of War – Chains of Olympus (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)02-Nov-2022 01:511.4G
God of War – Chains of Olympus (USA) (PSN).iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 23:071.4G
God of War – Ghost of Sparta.iso (View Contents)09-Aug-2022 23:331.6G
Godfather – Mob Wars, The.iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 00:171.3G
Gods Eater Burst (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 05:351.4G
Gradius Collection (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 18:38333.3M
Gran Turismo (USA) (PSP) (PSN).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 00:321.0G
Grand Theft Auto – Chinatown Wars (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 06:03862.4M
Grand Theft Auto – Liberty City Stories (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 06:30829.2M
Grand Theft Auto – Liberty City Stories (USA) (PSP) (PSN).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 00:481.2G
Grand Theft Auto – Vice City Stories.iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 01:111.6G
Gretzky NHL (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 18:42146.1M
Gretzky NHL 06 (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 06:55834.3M
Gripshift (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 07:20789.2M
Growlanser – Wayfarer of Time (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 07:531.1G
Guilty Gear Judgment (USA) (PSP) (PSN).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 01:19572.8M
Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus (USA) (PSP) (PSN).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 01:30860.6M
Gun Showdown (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 19:13758.9M
Gundam Battle Royale (JP – AS).iso (View Contents)06-May-2023 02:21654.7M
Gundam Battle Tactics (JP).iso (View Contents)06-May-2023 02:25265.3M
Gundam Battle Universe (AS).iso (View Contents)06-May-2023 02:34748.2M
Gungnir (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 19:21250.6M
Gunpey (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 19:45697.6M
Gurumin – A Monstrous Adventure (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 08:261,014.7M
Hakuoki – Demon of the Fleeting Blossom (US).iso (View Contents)02-Nov-2022 02:261.1G
Hakuoki – Warriors of the Shinsengumi (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 11:591.4G
Half-Minute Hero (US).iso (View Contents)02-Nov-2022 03:14211.8M
Hammerin Hero (US).iso (View Contents)02-Nov-2022 03:11217.4M
Hannah Montana – Rock Out the Show (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 08:53864.4M
Hannspree Ten Kate Honda SBK – Superbike World Championship (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 20:37490.2M
Hard Rock Casino (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 03:41586.4M
Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 20:49391.3M
Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 20:59389.1M
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix (US).iso (View Contents)02-Nov-2022 01:12728.1M
Harvest Moon – Boy and Girl (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 21:13325.7M
Harvest Moon – Hero of Leaf Valley (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 04:07401.9M
Harvey Birdman – Attorney at Law (US).iso (View Contents)02-Nov-2022 02:121.6G
Heatseeker (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 22:17385.8M
Hellboy – The Science of Evil (US).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 01:41864.3M
Hexyz Force (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 03:02675.8M
Hilton Garden Inn – Ultimate Team Play (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 22:20109.4M
Hot Brain (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 22:37522.4M
Hot Pixel (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 22:46321.0M
Hot Shots Golf – Open Tee (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 22:58438.4M
Hot Shots Golf – Open Tee 2 (US).iso (View Contents)28-Oct-2022 23:24899.2M
Hot Shots Tennis – Get a Grip (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 00:101.2G
Hot Wheels – Ultimate Racing (US).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 01:53826.3M
Hot Wheels Ultimate Racing (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 09:18790.4M
IL-2 Sturmovik – Birds of Prey (US).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 02:02639.1M
Indiana Jones and the Staff of Kings (US).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 02:11670.9M
Infected (US).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 02:21562.7M
Innocent Life – A Futuristic Harvest Moon (US).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 02:36335.5M
Invizimals (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 01:531.5G
Invizimals – Shadow Zone (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 01:091.7G
Iron Man (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 02:17864.4M
Iron Man 2 – The Video Game (USA) (PSN).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 02:58828.8M
Jackass – The Game (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 03:131.7G
Jak and Daxter – The Lost Frontier (USA) (PSN).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 03:371.4G
James Cameron Avatar – The Game (US).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 03:55662.9M
Jeanne d Arc (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 03:481.2G
Jetpack Joyride (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 03:52138.2M
Jikandia – The Timeless Land (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 03:57161.3M
Juiced – Eliminator (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 04:291.2G
Juiced 2 – Hot Import Nights (US).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 04:351.1G
Justice League Heroes (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 10:011.3G
Kao Challengers (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 04:46585.8M
Kenka Bancho – Badass Rumble (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 04:59499.9M
Kidou Senshi Gundam – Gihren no Yabou – Axis no Kyoui V (JP).iso (View Contents)06-May-2023 02:531.3G
Kidou Senshi Gundam – Gundam vs Gundam Next Plus (JP – AS).iso (View Contents)06-May-2023 03:181.6G
Kidou Senshi Gundam – Senjou no Kizuna Portable (JP – AS).iso (View Contents)06-May-2023 03:21214.6M
Kidou Senshi Gundam – Senjou no Kizuna Portable (KO).iso (View Contents)06-May-2023 03:24214.6M
Kidou Senshi Gundam Seed – Rengou vs Z.A.F.T. Portable (JP).iso (View Contents)06-May-2023 03:35836.6M
Killzone – Liberation (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 05:15534.2M
Killzone – Liberation (USA) (PSP) (PSN).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 04:53554.7M
Kingdom Hearts – Birth by Sleep (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 11:101.6G
Kingdom of Paradise (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 05:441.0G
Knights in the Nightmare (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 05:58485.5M
LEGO Batman – The Video Game (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 07:041.1G
LEGO Batman – The Videogame (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 07:351.1G
LEGO Harry Potter – Years 1-4 (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 08:131.3G
LEGO Harry Potter – Years 5-7 (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 08:581.4G
LEGO Indiana Jones – The Original Adventures (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 09:311.2G
LEGO Indiana Jones 2 – The Adventure Continues (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 09:49646.1M
LEGO Pirates of the Caribbean – The Video Game (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 12:481.4G
LEGO Star Wars 2 – The Original Trilogy (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 10:261.1G
LEGO Star Wars 3 – The Clone Wars (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 11:101.6G
Lara Croft Tomb Raider – Anniversary (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 06:341.2G
Lara Croft Tomb Raider – Legend (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 13:351.4G
League Bowling (USA) (NG) (PSN).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 04:58121.7M
Legend of the Dragon (US).iso (View Contents)27-Oct-2022 19:36788.9M
Lemmings (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 11:22449.7M
LittleBigPlanet (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 12:021.4G
LocoRoco (USA) (PSP) (PSN).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 05:17562.4M
LocoRoco 2 (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 14:321.7G
Lord of Arcana (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 12:24767.7M
Lumines – Puzzle Fusion (US).iso (View Contents)02-Nov-2022 03:17200.2M
Lumines 2 (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 15:081.1G
Lunar – Silver Star Harmony (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 15:37933.5M
Luxor – Pharaoh Challenge (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 12:34127.7M
Luxor – The Wrath of Set (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 12:58864.3M
M.A.C.H – Modified Air Combat Heroes (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 13:20791.6M
MLB (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 16:121.1G
MLB 06 – The Show (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 17:021.4G
MLB 07 – The Show (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 17:461.3G
MLB 08 – The Show (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 01:381.4G
MLB 09 – The Show (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 18:321.4G
MLB 10 – The Show (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 19:171.4G
MLB 11 – The Show (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 02:161.3G
MTX Mototrax (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 06:021,018.4M
MVP Baseball (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 06:511.3G
MX vs ATV On the Edge (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 19:41799.1M
MX vs ATV Reflex (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 20:08864.3M
MX vs ATV Untamed (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 07:01290.3M
Madden NFL 06 (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 20:581.6G
Madden NFL 07 (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 14:011.5G
Madden NFL 08 (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 14:501.5G
Madden NFL 09 (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 15:281.3G
Madden NFL 10 (USA) (PSP) (PSN).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 06:041.3G
Madden NFL 11 (USA) (PSP) (PSN).iso (View Contents)10-Aug-2022 06:431.1G
Madden NFL 12 (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 21:121.1G
Major League Baseball 2K10 (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 18:231.5G
Major League Baseball 2K11 (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 21:331.7G
Major League Baseball 2K12 (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 19:061.6G
Major League Baseball 2K6 (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 16:101.5G
Major League Baseball 2K7 (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 16:561.6G
Major League Baseball 2K8 (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 21:521.5G
Major League Baseball 2K9 (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 17:401.6G
Mana Khemia – Student Alliance (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 22:051.0G
Manhunt 2 (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 19:391.2G
Manhunt 2 (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 20:131.2G
Marvel – Ultimate Alliance (US).iso (View Contents)02-Nov-2022 01:331.7G
Marvel – Ultimate Alliance 2 (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 22:261.7G
Marvel Nemesis – Rise of the Imperfects (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 22:38864.3M
Marvel Super Hero Squad (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 22:581.5G
Marvel Trading Card Game (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 21:24891.1M
Me and My Katamari (US).iso (View Contents)27-Oct-2022 23:321.6G
Medal of Honor – Heroes (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)27-Oct-2022 22:041.3G
Medal of Honor – Heroes (US).iso (View Contents)27-Oct-2022 20:491.3G
MediEvil – Resurrection (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 23:181.1G
Mega Man – Maverick Hunter X (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 21:36448.7M
Mega Man – Powered Up (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 21:45297.3M
Mercury Meltdown (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 21:54343.9M
Metal Gear Ac!d (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 21:59192.1M
Metal Gear Ac!d 2 (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 23:32874.8M
Metal Gear Solid – Digital Graphic Novel (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 22:23932.8M
Metal Gear Solid – Peace Walker (US).iso (View Contents)01-Nov-2022 23:511.5G
Metal Gear Solid – Portable Ops (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 22:581.3G
Metal Gear Solid – Portable Ops Plus (US).iso (View Contents)02-Nov-2022 00:071.2G
Metal Slug Anthology (US).iso (View Contents)02-Nov-2022 00:221.2G
Metal Slug XX (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 23:11442.3M
Miami Vice – The Game (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 23:21380.0M
Miami Vice – The Game (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 23:29330.6M
Michael Jackson – The Experience (US).iso (View Contents)29-Oct-2022 23:38323.7M
Midnight Club – L.A. Remix (US).iso (View Contents)27-Oct-2022 18:03894.8M
Midnight Club 3 – DUB Edition (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 00:221.5G
Midway Arcade Treasures – Extended Play (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 00:39618.2M
Mimana – IYAR Chronicle (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 00:56632.1M
Mind Quiz – Exercise Your Brain (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 00:5879.7M
ModNation Racers (US).iso (View Contents)02-Nov-2022 00:421.5G
Monster Hunter – Portable 2nd G (JP) (US).iso (View Contents)02-Nov-2022 00:52854.5M
Monster Hunter Freedom (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 02:36706.9M
Monster Hunter Freedom 2 (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 02:59798.4M
Monster Hunter Freedom Unite (US).iso (View Contents)02-Nov-2022 01:02845.6M
Monster Jam – Path of Destruction (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 03:10292.7M
Monster Jam – Urban Assault (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 03:38864.4M
Monster Kingdom – Jewel Summoner (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 03:52507.1M
Mortal Kombat – Unchained (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 04:561.5G
MotoGP (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 05:05294.1M
MotorStorm – Arctic Edge (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 05:32830.5M
My Spanish Coach (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 07:09271.2M
Mytran Wars (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 07:431.1G
N Plus (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 07:46105.8M
NASCAR (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 08:26703.8M
NBA (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 08:31185.6M
NBA 06 (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 11:39296.2M
NBA 07 (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 11:57595.0M
NBA 08 (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 12:21864.3M
NBA 09 – The Inside (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 13:121.0G
NBA 10 – The Inside (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 14:031.0G
NBA 2K10 (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 09:211.4G
NBA 2K11 (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 10:031.4G
NBA 2K12 (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 10:421.4G
NBA 2K13 (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 11:301.6G
NBA Ballers – Rebound (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 14:34846.9M
NBA Live 06 (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 15:161.2G
NBA Live 08 (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 16:001.5G
NBA Live 09 (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 16:451.5G
NBA Live 10 (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 17:291.6G
NBA Street Showdown (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 18:011.1G
NCAA Football 07 (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 18:451.5G
NCAA Football 09 (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 19:271.5G
NCAA Football 10 (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 20:581.7G
NFL Street 2 – Unleashed (US).iso (View Contents)30-Oct-2022 21:17663.6M
NFL Street 3 (US).iso (View Contents)27-Oct-2022 18:53859.9M
NHL 07 (US).iso (View Contents)02-Nov-2022 02:471.6G
NHRA Drag Racing – Countdown to the Championship (US).iso (View Contents)02-Nov-2022 02:57768.1M
Namco Museum Battle Collection (US).iso (View Contents)26-Oct-2022 16:42166.3M
Napoleon Dynamite – The Game (US).iso (View Contents)02-Nov-2022 03:05627.4M
Naruto – Ultimate Ninja Heroes (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 21:39242.3M
Naruto – Ultimate Ninja Heroes 2 – The Phantom Fortress (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 21:321.1G
Naruto Shippuden – Kizuna Drive (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 21:081.1G
Naruto Shippuden – Legends – Akatsuki Rising (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 20:52728.4M
Need for Speed – Carbon – Own the City (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 22:37852.8M
Need for Speed – ProStreet (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 23:14854.8M
Need for Speed – Shift (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 20:411.7G
Need for Speed – Undercover (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 19:181.2G
NeoPets – Petpet Adventures – The Wand of Wishing (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 22:09823.3M
Neverland Card Battles (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 21:57399.8M
Nickelodeon Avatar – The Last Airbender (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 21:18169.9M
Nickelodeon SpongeBob SquarePants – The Yellow Avenger (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 21:41166.2M
Nickelodeon SpongeBob Truth or Square (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 22:261.3G
ObsCure – The Aftermath (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 21:52942.0M
Online Chess Kingdoms (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 21:36254.6M
OutRun 2006 – Coast 2 Coast (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 21:16605.4M
PDC World Championship Darts (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 07:35325.2M
PES 2008 – Pro Evolution Soccer (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 07:091.3G
PES 2009 – Pro Evolution Soccer (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 07:281.3G
PES 2010 – Pro Evolution Soccer (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 06:52972.8M
PES 2011 – Pro Evolution Soccer (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 06:381.4G
PES 2012 – Pro Evolution Soccer (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 08:491.7G
PES 2013 – Pro Evolution Soccer (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 08:261.6G
PES 2014 – Pro Evolution Soccer (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 08:041.5G
PQ – Practical Intelligence Quotient (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 07:30170.4M
PQ2 – Practical Intelligence Quotient 2 (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 07:43641.7M
PaRappa the Rapper (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 01:23359.8M
Pac-Man World 3 (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 22:45471.3M
Pac-Man World Rally (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 01:46412.7M
Pangya – Fantasy Golf (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 23:311.4G
Patapon (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 22:39325.2M
Patapon 2 (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 22:55559.5M
Patapon 3 (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 23:07530.3M
Payout – Poker and Casino (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 01:29192.9M
Peter Jackson King Kong – The Official Game of the Movie (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 23:13472.3M
Petz – Dogz Family (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 01:26180.6M
Petz – Hamsterz Bunch (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 22:48189.8M
Petz – Saddle Club (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 01:151.3G
Phantasy Star Portable (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 00:121.0G
Phantasy Star Portable 2 (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 23:581.2G
Phantom Brave – The Hermuda Triangle (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 23:41760.5M
Pimp My Ride (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 01:40795.0M
Pinball Hall of Fame – The Gottlieb Collection (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 01:18251.9M
Pinball Hall of Fame – The Williams Collection (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 00:54374.3M
Pipe Mania (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 01:53306.9M
Pirates of the Caribbean – Dead Man Chest (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 23:00449.8M
PixelJunk Monsters – Deluxe (US).iso (View Contents)25-Oct-2022 01:49210.4M
Platypus (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 23:5972.5M
PoPoLoCrois (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 10:561.2G
Pocket Pool (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 12:43672.3M
Pocket Racers (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 13:01255.8M
Power Stone Collection (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 12:49493.4M
Prince of Persia – Revelations (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 12:341.6G
Prince of Persia – Rival Swords (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 12:13936.8M
Prince of Persia – Rival Swords (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 12:011.2G
Prince of Persia – The Forgotten Sands (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 11:26659.4M
Prinny – Can I Really Be the Hero (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 12:56469.1M
Prinny 2 – Dawn of Operation Panties, Dood! (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 11:45758.3M
ProStroke Golf – World Tour 2007 (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 11:36771.9M
Pursuit Force (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 11:181.4G
Pursuit Force – Extreme Justice (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 10:411.4G
Puzzle Challenge – Crosswords and More! (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 12:5084.1M
Puzzle Chronicles (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 11:01384.3M
Puzzle Guzzle (US).iso (View Contents)24-Oct-2022 12:58117.5M
Puzzle Quest – Challenge of the Warlords (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 18:31129.8M
Puzzle Scape (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 19:46330.1M
R-Type Command (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 18:35318.1M
Race Driver 2006 (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 19:421.6G
Ragnarok Tactics (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 18:43615.5M
Rapala Pro Bass Fishing (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 19:15698.0M
Ratchet and Clank – Size Matters (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 18:57947.4M
Reel Fishing – The Great Outdoors (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 19:06184.6M
Rengoku – The Tower of Purgatory (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 18:45170.7M
Rengoku 2 – The Stairway to H.E.A.V.E.N (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 19:21479.1M
Resistance – Retribution (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 20:061.6G
Rock Band Unplugged (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 15:381.3G
Rocky Balboa (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 15:21864.3M
Rush (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 14:331.3G
SBK – Superbike World Championship (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 15:10267.3M
SNK Arcade Classics Vol. 1 (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 13:431.3G
SOCOM – U.S. Navy SEALs – Fireteam Bravo (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 15:56534.2M
SOCOM – U.S. Navy SEALs – Fireteam Bravo 2 (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 15:49882.0M
SOCOM – U.S. Navy SEALs – Fireteam Bravo 3 (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 14:501.3G
SOCOM – U.S. Navy SEALs – Tactical Strike (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 15:071.3G
SSX On Tour (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 14:041.3G
SWAT – Target Liberty (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 14:16838.1M
Samurai Warriors – State of War (US).iso (View Contents)23-Oct-2022 13:47312.4M
Scarface – Money. Power. Respect. (US).iso (View Contents)22-Oct-2022 05:05551.7M
Scooby-Doo! Who Watching Who (US).iso (View Contents)22-Oct-2022 05:47589.3M
Scrabble (US).iso (View Contents)22-Oct-2022 04:2167.5M
Secret Agent Clank (US).iso (View Contents)22-Oct-2022 05:401.4G
Sega Genesis Collection (US).iso (View Contents)22-Oct-2022 05:22816.7M
Sega Rally Revo (US).iso (View Contents)22-Oct-2022 05:08188.1M
Shadow of Destiny (US).iso (View Contents)22-Oct-2022 04:581.0G
Shaun White Snowboarding (US).iso (View Contents)22-Oct-2022 04:27468.7M
Shepherd Crossing (US).iso (View Contents)22-Oct-2022 04:04252.8M
Shin Megami Tensei – Persona (US).iso (View Contents)22-Oct-2022 04:45782.7M
Shin Megami Tensei – Persona 2 – Innocent Sin (US).iso (View Contents)22-Oct-2022 04:011.1G
Shin Megami Tensei – Persona 3 Portable (US).iso (View Contents)22-Oct-2022 04:201.2G
Sid Meier Pirates! (US).iso (View Contents)22-Oct-2022 05:12318.0M
Silent Hill – Origins (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 17:24767.4M
Silent Hill – Shattered Memories (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 16:52967.0M
Silent Hill – Shattered Memories (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 17:54967.0M
Silent Hill Origins (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 17:14746.0M
Smart Bomb (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 18:07113.9M
Smash Court Tennis 3 (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 17:411.4G
Snoopy vs the Red Baron (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 17:05515.8M
Sonic Rivals (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 16:20211.9M
Sonic Rivals (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 16:23234.7M
Sonic Rivals 2 (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 16:29471.5M
Sonic Rivals 2 (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 16:58492.0M
Soulcalibur – Broken Destiny (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 16:40859.2M
Space Invaders Extreme (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 18:09146.7M
Spectral Souls – Resurrection of the Ethereal Empires (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 02:021.1G
Spelling Challenges and More! (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 03:23213.7M
Spider-Man – Friend or Foe (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 02:09552.0M
Spider-Man – Web of Shadows – Amazing Allies Edition (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 01:17416.6M
Spider-Man 2 (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 03:30556.5M
Spider-Man 3 (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 03:211.6G
Split-Second (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 03:011.5G
Stacked with Daniel Negreanu (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 01:28864.3M
Star Ocean – First Departure (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 02:401.1G
Star Ocean – Second Evolution (US).iso (View Contents)21-Oct-2022 02:271.3G
Star Trek – Tactical Assault (US).iso (View Contents)20-Oct-2022 03:38243.4M
Star Wars – Battlefront 2 (US).iso (View Contents)20-Oct-2022 01:54704.4M
Star Wars – Lethal Alliance (US).iso (View Contents)20-Oct-2022 03:34857.9M
Star Wars – The Clone Wars – Republic Heroes (US).iso (View Contents)20-Oct-2022 03:181.4G
Star Wars – The Force Unleashed (US).iso (View Contents)20-Oct-2022 02:081.0G
Star Wars Battlefront – Elite Squadron (US).iso (View Contents)20-Oct-2022 03:001.4G
Star Wars Battlefront – Renegade Squadron (US).iso (View Contents)20-Oct-2022 02:37887.4M
Stealth + WipEout Pure (US).iso (View Contents)20-Oct-2022 04:111.7G
Steambot Chronicles – Battle Tournament (US).iso (View Contents)20-Oct-2022 03:44256.4M
Steel Horizon (US).iso (View Contents)20-Oct-2022 03:24124.2M
Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max (US).iso (View Contents)20-Oct-2022 03:41235.4M
Street Supremacy (US).iso (View Contents)20-Oct-2022 03:50466.6M
Summon Night 5 (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 21:15855.7M
Super Collapse 3 (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 21:1659.5M
Super Monkey Ball Adventure (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 21:33404.0M
Surf Up (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 21:27864.4M
Sweet Fuse – At Your Side (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 21:041.1G
Syphon Filter – Dark Mirror (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 20:511.1G
Syphon Filter – Logan Shadow (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 16:341.2G
TMNT (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 16:18909.1M
TNA Impact! Cross the Line (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 16:031.1G
Tactics Ogre – Let Us Cling Together (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 15:491.5G
Taito Legends Power-Up (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 04:14301.8M
Tales of the World – Radiant Mythology (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 03:59419.3M
Tekken – Dark Resurrection (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 04:411.6G
Tekken 6 (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 03:53816.0M
Tenchu – Shadow Assassins (US) (BR).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 01:06672.0M
Tenchu – Shadow Assassins (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 01:18776.2M
Test Drive Unlimited (US).iso (View Contents)17-Oct-2022 22:481.4G
Tetris (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 01:08162.2M
The 3rd Birthday (US).iso (View Contents)17-Oct-2022 23:061.4G
The Bigs (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 00:57825.3M
The Bigs 2 (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 01:27742.9M
The Con (US).iso (View Contents)17-Oct-2022 23:50818.5M
The Fast and the Furious (US).iso (View Contents)18-Oct-2022 01:38863.2M
The Godfather – Mob Wars (US).iso (View Contents)17-Oct-2022 23:231.3G
The Golden Compass (US).iso (View Contents)17-Oct-2022 23:381.2G
The Hustle – Detroit Streets (US).iso (View Contents)17-Oct-2022 14:05942.6M
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PlayStation canceló un shooter AAA de ciencia ficción

Un reporte señala que la decisión le costó el trabajo a casi la mitad del estudio responsable

La era de PlayStation bajo el mando de Jim Ryan ha estado marcada por algunos cambios repentinos dejando atrás lo que conocimos en la era del PS4. Hoy, la marca de Sony busca fortalecer su oferta AAA y apostará por los servicios, sin embargo, parece que aquello que no termina por convencerlos o lo que no cumple con altos estándares de calidad tiene los días contados en este momento y ese habría sido el caso de un proyecto no anunciado.


De acuerdo con información de Insider-Gaming, el usuario de Twitter «Timur222» mostró pruebas obtenidas por una fuente que optó por el anonimato que revelan la cancelación de un shooter de ciencia ficción, mismo que estaba en desarrollo por parte de Final Strike Games. El proyecto se estaba realizando dentro de PlayStation pero no había sido anunciado y estaría cuando menos desde 2021 en desarrollo

De acuerdo con el sitio oficial de Final Strike Games, el juego en que trabajan desde 2021 es un shooter AAA de una nueva franquicia PvP que supuestamente saldrá en consola y PC. La información señala que su temática era de ciencia ficción y se trataba de un proyecto de PlayStation que probablemente sería exclusivo de consola en PS5 junto con un debut en PC.

Lamentablemente, la cancelación (extraoficial) de este proyecto le habría costado el trabajo a 40% de los trabajadores de Final Strike Games. Hasta el momento PlayStation no ha revelado algo al respecto, pero tomando en cuenta que era un proyecto que no había sido presentado, es probable que no se revele nada de forma oficial y la revelación quede en aquellos que formaron parte de su desarrollo.

La noticia llega días después de que se confirmara que PlayStation cerró PixelOpus, estudio de Concrete Genie y se rumora que esto se debió a que la marca no quiere producciones AA, sino que todo tendrá que ser AAA o servicio para mantenerse vigente en PlayStation Studios.