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Clone Hero es un clásico juego de ritmo basado en instrumentos para Windows, Mac, Linux y Android. ¡Se puede tocar con cualquier controlador de guitarra de 5 o 6 trastes, cualquier batería midi, cualquier controlador de juego e incluso tu teclado! ¡Toca batería, guitarra de 5 trastes o guitarra de 6 trastes en línea o localmente!

contenido exclusivo para Retrogbox 5


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la coleccion de Gbox colombia para sus suscriptores
ir al repositorio click aquí

Artist and Album Packs

All That RemainsMadnessDownload
Area 11Modern SynthesisDownload
As I Lay DyingSong PackDownload
Avenged SevenfoldDiscographyDownload
AyreonThe Human EquationDownload
Between The Buried and MeAutomata IDownload
Brand NewDiscographyYouTube
Dead Cowboy’s SlutsObedienceDownload
DethklokDethalbum I + IIDownload
Devin Townsend ProjectSky BlueDownload
ErrluumCurse of RadianceDownload
First of OctoberTen Hours (Full Album Chart)YouTube
GojiraSong PackDownload
NevermoreThe Obsidian ConspiracyDownload
Power TripNightmare LogicDownload
Rest, ReposeRest, ReposeDownload
TriviumIn WavesDownload
TriviumThe Sin & SentenceDownload
TriviumVengeance FallsDownload

Misc. Packs & Setlists

Guitar PraiseDownloadThe semi-obscure Christian themed music game for PC. The chart quality on these are really poor and lyrics are broken.
Holiday Overcharts 2017YouTubeCAUTION!!!! Be extremely careful, as these are EXTREMELY OVERCHARTED, By NunoVH.
Holiday Overcharts 2018YouTubeCAUTION!!!! Be extremely careful, as these are EXTREMELY OVERCHARTED, By NunoVH.
Holiday Overcharts 2019YouTubeCAUTION!!!! Be extremely careful, as these are EXTREMELY OVERCHARTED, By NunoVH.
Holiday Overcharts 2020YouTubeCAUTION!!!! Be extremely careful, as these are EXTREMELY OVERCHARTED, By NunoVH.
Guitarmageddon Track PackDownloadConverted pack of Schmutz06’s Track Pack
Exilelord SetlistDownload 
Verified UnverifiedYouTubeA project that featured up & coming charters (at the time), was supposed to be a series but has been abandoned
iorn madien xd 69DownloadAn old GH2 ISO ported by LocalH. The charts are not good as a fair warning
Kariodude’s GH2 ISODownload 
Guitar Hero Megadeth ISODownloadAnother GH2 ISO converted AGES ago. These charts are also not good
FoF Hero 1DownloadBasically a bunch of FOF charts changed to some degree. From 2017 or earlier
Plastic Shred Hero: Legends of Apathetic ChartingDownloadA setlist that’s part shitpost including overcharts, part colelction of older charts, part meme. Doesn’t really fit the archtype of a standard setlist so falls in this gray area, still worth a look
Glitter HeroDownloadAn overchart setlist by Hyperbolium, Gamo, and Amelyn.
Plastarists AnonymousDownloadFrom what I am told, this is a spirtual successor to the Plastic Shred Hero setlist
Anime Overchart PackDownloadThe name gives away what it is

Places to grab songs for Clone Hero from

Main Charter Drives

Download3-UP’s Charts
DownloadACJGaming89’s Charts
DownloadAkazu’s Charts
DownloadAngevil’s Charts
DownloadAren’s Chart Index (EDM & Stuff)
DownloadBigWhoopMagazine’s Charts
DownloadBulbaSaruman’s Charts (Guitar & Drums)
DownloadBurpLeTurtle’s Charts
DownloadCaret’s Charts
DownloadChemFinal’s Charts
DownloadChezy’s Charts
DownloadChubba247’s Charts
DownloadCyclopsDragon’s Charts
DownloadDaiJyoubs’ Charts
DownloadDeltarak’s Charts
DownloadEvaCH’s Charts
SpreadsheetGabe’s Setlist
DownloadGigakoops’ Charts
DownloadGeo’s Charts
SpreadsheetGuitarZero132’s Charts [FD]
DownloadHaggis’ Charts
DownloadHattMeafy’s Charts
DownloadHellAshes’ CH Converted Charts
DownloadHellrock120’s Charts
DownloadHelvian’s Charts [Helvianalects] [Memes]
Downloadhighfine’s Charts
DownloadHubbubble’s Charts
DownloadIamDIMEBAG’s Charts
DownloadInventor211’s Charts [FD] (Will Require Converting)
DownloadIsmaya Melasrana’s Charts
DownloadJaded’s Charts
DownloadJoeyD’s Charts
DownloadJdurandTV’s Charts
DownloadKhromatic’s Charts
DownloadKira’s Charts
DownloadKrower’s Charts
DownloadLemonGH’s Charts
DownloadLilith’s Charts
DownloadLord Shadow Z’s Charts
DownloadMagister Ingenia’s Charts
DownloadMercuryHg34’s Charts
DownloadMintorment’s Charts
DownloadMiscellany’s Charts
DownloadN C V’s Charts
DownloadNea7x’s Charts
DownloadNecrobones’ Charts
DownloadNumbuh681’s Charts
DownloadNSG Parzival’s Charts (Anime Hero)
DownloadOhm’s Charts
DownloadParallaxDG’s Charts
DownloadPaturages’ Charts
DownloadPeddy’s Charts
DownloadPeckInkay’s Charts
DownloadPizza22’s Charts
SpreadsheetRaspberriel’s Charts
DownloadRek3dge’s Setlist [Reklist]
DownloadRiddo’s Charts
DownloadRoy Knight’s Charts
DownloadShadeGH’s Charts
Downloadsonicfind’s Charts
DownloadSpachi’s Drive
DownloadSmoochums’ Charts
DownloadSupahfast198’s Charts
DownloadSupradyke’s Charts
DownloadSygenysis’ Charts [mostly FB + FD]
DownloadTFG85’s Charts
SpreadsheetThundahK’s Charts
Downloadukwonderboy’s Charts
DownloadUnanswered Prayer’s Charts
Downloadvasasasasa’s Charts
DownloadVillain’s Charts
Downloadwumbo’s Charts
Downloadwyskoj’s Charts
DownloadXEntombmentX’s Charts
DownloadXeratek’s Charts
DownloadXRose’s Charts
DownloadxShamaNama’s Charts
DownloadxX760Xx’s Charts
DownloadYenlow’s Charts

Zantor’s Charts



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